Application Benefits

Conceptual and Preliminary Design

The j2 Universal Tool-kit allows Conceptual and Preliminary Design teams (CPD) the luxury of evaluating a larger number of concepts in the same time-frame without adding more engineering resource. The j2 software framework will also work with any legacy data source. Evaluate Handling and Performance of multiple designs and options instantly. With the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, you can run the analyses and then visualize the impact on flight using the embedded 3-D engine, j2 Virtual. Generate standard charts and templates for reporting purposes. Establish earlier what can meet the specification and regulations and identify key sensitivities.

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Detailed Design and Analysis

Enhance and update model fidelity, expand analysis to look into details giving increasing confidence in a chosen design. Look at the impact of data errors and tolerances to assess design sensitivity and key operational points in the envelope. Integrate higher order data into the models from CFD, Wind Tunnel or other code bases and rapidly evaluate the complete mission and flight envelope. Run dynamic analyses and assess core stability using the classic linear analysis plug-in, j2 Classical.

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Complete System Design

A fully networked environment, FCS, Structural, Systems and Loads engineers can integrate external code directly with the j2 Tool-Kit. No data transfer delays or working with the wrong version. Matlab/Simulink integration enables rapid design and evaluation of FCS across the complete envelope. Integrated version and configuration control means all data and analyses can be professionally project managed reducing errors and re-work burden.

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Qualification and Certification

The j2 Flight Test Suite (j2 Flight) will run all your flight test flight matching, re-prediction, auto regression and parameter identification tasks. Users can ‘certify’ the aircraft throughout the design life-cycle working with version controlled models and use the A Priori model to brief test pilots on manoeuvres and expectations before first flight. j2 Flight can run analysis and validate test points whilst the aircraft is still airborne. Re-run the test flight in 3D to de-brief test Pilots. Use this unique capability as an invaluable aid in identifying early, any issues with the aircraft performance and certification. Rapidly and accurately model mid-life update changes and re-fly the model viewing multiple versions over the same manoeuvres using the unique auto-test facility. This powerful flight test data handling and re-prediction capability can significantly reduce flight test time requirements. Test pilots have the opportunity to fly the aircraft in any simulator and ‘feel’ the impact of proposed changes.

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Simulated Environment and Training

Integrate j2 models into any Simulator platform and link directly with Visual and Motion systems. Select many different designs and configurations straight out of the j2 Tool-Kit database and fly them. Combined with accurate terrain mapping data this advanced capability, derived from world-class aeromodelling techniques, provides a step change in point to point mission planning. Enhance Pilot training by exposing potential operational weaknesses and test the viability of exit routes and manoeuvres as an aircraft experiences changing characteristics.

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Engineering Expertise

j2 have a multi-disciplinary global consulting capability for the aerospace industry. The consulting engineering services use all facets of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, coupled with knowledge of conceptual design, dynamic modelling, structures, design evaluation, simulator integration and wind tunnel data reduction.

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Air Accident Investigation

j2 has recently forged a major strategic alliance with ESI Inc, a leading forensic engineering company in the US following the introduction of its flight physics based air accident investigation capability. The j2 Universal Tool-Kit software has been further improved to provide level 6 fidelity aircraft models which can be flown in the software to examine any data available to the investigation of air accidents.

The j2 software can introduce all Pilot inputs, weather and other possible failure events into a flight and can use its powerful software to predict the outcomes applying the laws of flight physics. This accelerated, powerful and unique capability is already being applied to air accidents and providing a whole new perspective to the understanding of what happened, the contributing factors and most importantly what could have been done to regain control and recover.

This unique capability will feed even more knowledge and insight into the investigation of an accident and using the direct connect capability to simulation be able to look at ways in which air accidents might ultimately be prevented through improvements in pilot training and scenario recovery procedures and processes.

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J2 Benefits Flyer Accident Investigation v3