Complete System Design

The j2 universal tool-kit provides a complete design, modelling and analysis solution and covers all aircraft design disciplines. The software makes best use of existing legacy code bases and can add significant value to your design team operations, allowing them to build and share significant knowledge quickly.

The working dynamic between aerodynamicists, flight mechanics, weights, loads, performance, flight controls and simulation and training during all phases of design has revolved around each element working somewhat independently of the others. This is no longer the case using the j2 Universal Tool-kit.

This disparate process dynamic grew out of a culture of self-sufficiency in terms of tools and aids required to make the job easier. Many of these tools were developed in house but have remained as legacy systems.

Working with independent systems can lead to the duplication of work and the possibility of errors through multiple data and knowledge transfer steps. Furthermore, the disjointed approach can lead to each area working on different models and versions of the aircraft that all need to be tracked and updated as the design evolves.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is now able to bring this combined energy into a single space that provides a cooperative platform, accelerates the design process, reduces errors and delivers world-class aircraft modelling and analysis across the design team disciplines.

The powerful j2 Active and j2 Developer plug-ins allow for direct integration between different code bases and flight model formats such as FORTRAN. The j2 Matlab Tool Box enables direct integration into Matlab Simulink flight control packages whilst the j2 Pilot SDK can integrate j2 flight models or any model running through j2 software directly into any simulator platform.

j2 software can also be delivered as a fully hosted service to varying levels of data security, including full CESG accredited (x-listed), to service third party access to design project work without the difficulty of granting third party access through a company’s own Fire Walls.

This service is especially valuable when working with overseas or other consortia partners or contractors. The hosted service delivery also enables the j2 Universal Tool-Kit solution to be used in a turn on/turn off project based mode on a per calendar month basis.

Complete System Design

A fully networked environment, engineers from all disciplines integrate directly with the tool-kit. There is no need to wait for data to be transferred. The j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides integrated version control and configuration management.

Required Tools