Conceptual and Preliminary Design – What Else Can I Do?

Once you have delivered the conceptual design model and analysis using the j2 Universal Tool Kit these same models can now be used as a base to build further fidelity into your designs and accelerate the design, analysis and modelling process.

By using other functional plug-ins like, j2 Builder and j2 Virtual you can import data from a variety of sources including CFD and also see how the aircraft is flying using the 3D visualisation package respectively.

Continue to use external code and analysis tools and integrate with the aircraft model using j2 Active assuring consistency of data models across all design and analysis disciplines.

High fidelity engine, undercarriage, or systems data, direct from the manufacturer can be integrated into the aircraft model automatically using j2 Developer. This also allows users to compare different engine platforms or evaluate actuator effectiveness on the same aircraft configuration.

Use j2 Classical to linearize non-linear models across the complete flight envelope in minutes. Use the same plug in to evaluate trends and clusters.

Use j2 Freedom to undertake detailed analysis of manoeuvres at the detailed design stage and fly the certification envelope. Build confidence at an early stage on your aircraft’s ability to get Certified.