Qualification and Certification

The j2 Flight Test Suite addition to the Universal Tool Kit software has unlocked a hugely powerful addition to the flight test engineers armoury. J2 can now take test data in real-time from the test flight directly into the analytical engine of the j2 software Framework. Flight Test/Certification teams can build vital operational knowledge quickly whilst the modelling, analysis and simulation platform can be used to discover and rapidly solve aircraft performance issues that could delay certification processes. The j2 software solution allows designers to fly and review manoeuvres or put a pilot in the loop to uncover and solve handling/performance issues at any stage in the flight test process. Combined with j2 Pilot this can further used for test pilot briefing/debriefing.

The Flight Test suite already includes full model build capabilities to provide ‘a priori’ models for more efficient and rapid test planning. During and following flights there is a full flight matching capability including rapid auto-regression and identification of correction factors. Compared to conventional trial and error evaluation techniques this can half normal data processing and analysis stages of flight test.

The continual addition of fidelity to the aircraft model and the capability to use the models straight into simulation provides test pilots with an instant briefing and de-briefing evaluation space. This capability can also reduce the overall number of test points required to achieve acceptability. The highly interactive nature of the j2 flight test suite can identify any issues quickly and ultimately accelerates the whole programme.

The j2 Universal Tool Kit is unique in that it is able to include certification testing in the design process of any aircraft from simple 3 views to detailed design stages and beyond. Flight Test and Certification teams can build vital operational knowledge quickly, allowing for early identification of issues that can be solved as part of the on-going aircraft design and evaluation process.

The development of the flight model within j2 enables the design team to rapidly qualify changes and visualise variance in aircraft behaviour across a range of programmed certification manoeuvres and aircraft configuration options. Finally, the use of j2 Pilot gives the design team a unique opportunity to fly the aircraft in real-time across the entire flight envelope on desktop to full mission simulator platforms.

With j2 software you can import flight models in other code bases and ‘fly’. These models are automatically integrated into the Flight Test Suite to run flight matching and qualify the model using the previously imported flight test data.

The j2 software has an embedded ability to run “fly offs” and provides the ability to rapidly and accurately model mid-life updates and then re-fly the model, viewing both versions over the same set of manoeuvres using the unique auto-test facility. This powerful visualisation and predictive capability can significantly speed up the qualification process giving Pilots an opportunity to fly the aircraft in any simulator and feel the impact of the proposed changes.

In a purely commercial environment the same j2 Universal Tool Kit can be used to provide prospective purchasers with the ‘flying experience’ well in advance of certification. This same capability can be run into any simulator platform in any country from a single source making the global marketing capability completely consistent and very powerful.

Where the emphasis is more on qualification of change the j2 Universal Tool Kit is uniquely positioned to run the analysis and qualification programme rapidly. This can have significant benefits as any proposed changes can be modelled early in the process and major issues identified and dealt with much earlier.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit can accelerate the move to qualification and certification of an aircraft

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