Qualification and Certification – What Else Can I Do?

You have now used j2 software for the complete design process and are now moving to certification flights and the recording and analysis of test flight data. This flight test data can be plugged straight into j2 in ASCII or XML format and compared directly with the high fidelity flight model developed in j2 and qualified using the wind tunnel data which was also imported into j2 through the j2 Active interface plug-in.

This allows more confidence to be generated in the predictive model that can be highly valuable later.

Using the j2 Pilot plug – and the j2 Pilot SDK can now allow you to fly the aircraft in any simulation platform. This capability opens up opportunity to directly enhance Pilot training, can be used as a pre-sales tool for an aircraft and can be used to undertake further analysis on flight envelope, undertaking analysis and modelling of mid-life updates and also model specific changes in aircraft configuration and the impact of those changes directly on the handling performance of the aircraft.

The continuous validation capability can be further used to model manoeuvres like load drops from the rear of an aircraft, different seating and mass changes to an aircraft and so on. Because you are using the same predictive model you can qualify proposed changes rapidly.

The generation of the predictive data associated with a change within j2 can also be used to better plan wind tunnel validation work, narrowing the investigation onto those areas where the predictive tool has identified specific sensitivities and greatly speeding up the whole process and reducing cost.

A direct benefit of being able to fly your model in any simulation platform is that you can now look at mission planning, bringing in terrain data and investigating the limitations of manoeuvrability within a limited space and the potential to exit. This has particular benefits to defence applications and the mission planning of stores release across all configurations. This capability will also allow you to playback and view the actual mission planning assessments of your aircraft using the j2 Virtual 3D visualisation studio.

It is also possible to introduce High fidelity engine or undercarriage data and validate in pre-flight simulation the expected impact of the change, opening up significant opportunity within the test pilot training environment.