Company Profile


J2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd is a UK based company that is sells its own proprietary software, the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, as a whole aircraft aerodynamic modelling, analysis, flight test planning and flight matching, simulation, aircraft accident investigation and analysis software tools that is built on a single, sustainable non-legacy framework. Engineers/designers are finding that using j2 Software can unlock value in existing legacy code blocks as well as accelerate the aircraft design life-cycle. The state of the art aircraft modelling and tuning capability embedded in j2 software allows engineers to ‘fly’ their designs and put a pilot in the loop at a much earlier stage in an aircraft design process.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is a powerful framework which is already trusted and proven with global OEM’s, simulator OEM’s and Flight Test Data Matching companies. The software runs on a common windows platform that can be fully networked or used stand-alone. A key feature is that existing legacy code blocks and user defined data can be easily integrated within the j2 software framework, protecting knowledge that already exists and greatly enhancing both the speed and fidelity of the resulting analysis.

J2 validated whole aircraft models including external models built in other code, can be ‘flown’ in desktop to full mission level d simulators from conceptual design stages onwards, accelerating the design process and the move to certification. The j2 flight modelling capabilities within the j2 software can also be used to rapidly qualify changes to an aircraft, accelerating mid-life updates or evaluating the aerodynamic impact of proposed changes to external structures and have a pilot evaluate these prior to further wind tunnel time or actual flight test. Users of j2 software can analyse a much wider array of options/trade-studies rapidly from conceptual design through to detailed engineering stages and flight test.

In the world of aircraft design analysis, modelling and evaluation j2 Aircraft Dynamics is focused on accelerating the pace of progress, unlocking innovation in design and providing aircraft engineers/designers with the tools they need.


The j2 Universal Tool Kit is a powerful framework coupled with a fully integrated suite of plug-in modules covering a full range of design, analysis and modelling applications. The j2 framework and j2 plug-in environment is used to deliver the whole aircraft aerodynamic model building, design analysis, visualisation and simulation capability which can drastically reduce some areas of design lifecycles. The j2 product is already able to integrate with a variety of existing globally recognised environments e.g. MatLab Simulink, low and high order CFD code and wind tunnel data and flight test data providing a truly powerful proposition. The company focuses on 7 key application areas in Conceptual and Preliminary Design, Detailed Design and Analysis, Qualification/Certification,Building of Aero models feeding into the worlds Simulation market, the Development and Support of Global Consulting Businesses using the j2 Framework backbone as its core tool set, Flight Test and Flight Test Data Matching, especially into High Fidelity Simulation Modelling and QTG development in both fixed wing and rotary and Air Accident Investigation.

J2 Aircraft Dynamics Software offers aircraft design companies the opportunity to drastically cut the design cycle time associated with aspects of aircraft design, qualification and certification projects and flight test data matching activities.

Markets Served

J2 Aircraft Dynamics products are used throughout the global aerospace industry as fundamental tools for the design, analysis and modelling of fixed wing aircraft. The j2 products are fast becoming a standard for whole aircraft modelling into simulation in what is an increasingly demanding market segment.

The company is growing globally via a series of strategic technical and commercial alliances with acknowledged technical leaders in their fields i.e. KSR in Flight Test, ESI Inc for air accident investigation and Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) which is focusing on an application of j2 software as an advanced modelling and analysis tool to help identify better flight regimes resulting in lower fuel use in fixed wing aircraft.

The j2 Universal Toolkit software continues to grow in its capability and application and has evolved from its core aero engineering and design areas around advanced conceptual design, detailed design and analysis, component performance modelling and aerodynamic change evaluation into more advanced areas The application of the software is delivering substantial value return in the areas of flight test data matching/QTG development and compliance through the use of j2Flight and the newest addition, j2Rotary where the rapid delivery and tuning of high fidelity rotary models is now possible and and air accident investigation and analysis.

At the same time j2 continues to support a growing number of colleges and universities around the world with free j2 Universal Toolkit software solutions for teaching and research in aerodynamic design and modelling disciplines.