j2 Universal Toolkit - Questions and Answers

j2 Software Network Requirements and Operating System

Q: Is it possible to network the j2 Software?

Absolutely yes. This is a core benefit of the J2 software. The core framework is a based on a Microsoft SQL database. If you are already running MS operating system then networking J2 is very straight forward.

Q: What hardware specification is required to run j2 Software?

The minimum hardware specification for a stand-alone installation is summarised below:

Processor Intel 2.40GHz Processor
Memory 2GB
Hard Drive 500GB for Workstation/Server 50GB for Workstations
Graphics 512 MB 3-D Video Card Supporting DirectX and OpenGL
Mice Standard 2 Button Mouse
Keyboard Standard QWERTY Keyboard
Operating System Windows XP Professional

Q: What operating systems is the J2 software compatible with?

The j2 software can run on Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems. It will not run on Windows Vista. There is a software assurance element to the annual renewal that will ensure that J2 Software also is compliant with new operating systems from Microsoft as they are introduced.

Q: Can J2 software run on Windows XP and Windows 7

Absolutely yes. J2 software is validate to run on both operating systems. We do not run on Windows Vista.

Q: Is j2 software able to run on 32 bit and 64 bit?

Absolutely yes. We are validated to run on both.

Qualification and Certification

Q: How Do You Analyse Transition in PAV/eVTOL?

This is the third paper in the series of focusing on modelling and analysis challenges when developing PAV/eVTOL aircraft. This focuses on how the j2 Universal Tool-Kit is applied when developing the Feed Forward scheduling of Controls, Throttle, and Thrust Angle to enable the speed to be controlled and to transition between hover and forwards flight.

Transition between hover flight and forwards flight is a critical phase for PAV/eVTOL platforms. This can be difficult to model as there are a lot of variables requiring the blending of controls and flying techniques. This paper provides an outline of work that has been carried out using the j2 Universal Tool-Kit on a tilt rotor UAV.

An important advantage when using j2 Universal Tool-Kit for PAV/eVTOL development is that the user can accommodate different controls be it change in aircraft attitude, change in engine orientation, or classical control surfaces without the need to write any code or scripts.

This work was originally performed for a customer but has been reproduced here using an example aircraft. The data are representative as is the process used to demonstrate what is capable with the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

The full paper in pdf format can be found by clicking on the link top left of this post.

:#PAV #eVTOL #Transition

Q: Air Accident Case History Bulletins

j2 Aircraft Dynamics have released two case history bulletins on the use of j2 Universal Tool-kit in air accident investigation, analysis and simulation. The case histories are released in conjunction with ESI Inc., our Global alliance partner and a leading Forensic Engineering Investigation Company based in the US.

To view the case histories click on the pdf files attached.

Air Accident Case History CIRRUS sr22 Boynton v1c final

Air Accident Case History Piper Navajo final Mar14



Q: j2 Releases a Preview of its Proprietary Air Accident Investigation Process Using the J2 Universal Tool-Kit

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is now firmly regarded as being a significant contributor to enhancing the investigative capabilities of both authorities and forensic investigation companies world-wide. The recent alliance with ESi in the US is rapidly escalating the capability and this is likely to result in major advances in understanding accidents and how the enhanced understanding can track through into advances in flight safety standards.

The attached paper provides an insight into the proprietary j2 process and walks the reader through the process. This paper starts, like everyone else does, by reproducing a video from the available GPS and on board flight recorder data. However, this is where many other processes stop. The bulk of the paper then focuses on the capability within j2 software and applied domain knowledge and takes the reader from a position of having no data, to a full and complete recreation and understanding of the accident from a flight physics foundation.

The speed with which this is accomplished in j2 is breathtaking. This particular study was completed from a position of no data within a 2.5 week period. This included building and qualifying the aircraft model required to undertake the analysis.

To access the white paper please click on the pdf or click here: Identification of Control Surface Deflections

Q: j2 Aircraft Dynamics Completes Phase 2 Stall Study Using the j2 Universal Tool-Kit Software

J2 Aircraft Dynamics has completed phase two of its work on stall and stall recovery and the recognition of aircraft behaviour providing queues to pilots in the event of instrument failure.

This is a growing area for improvement and the principles applied within the j2 Universal Tool-Kit have unlocked a significant evaluation capability that can now be rolled out across a range of fixed wing platforms.

The capability of being able to fly the high fidelity model direct to SIM in flight regimes that are both abnormal as well as extending outside of the envelope is unique to the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

This capability and study findings are further enhanced through the application of the flight test experience from the strategic alliance with Kohlman Systems Research (KSR) as a technical leader in flight test practices and the strategic alliance with Engineering Systems Inc (ESI) a leading forensic engineering company in the US.

The j2 Universal Toolkit has already completed this work across a large wide bodied aircraft model and a variety of general aviation aircraft types and this work is expected to continue as more information becomes available on outside of envelope operations across a broader range of aircraft.

It is hoped that the powerful predictive j2 Universal Tool-Kit can help deliver a greater capability in simulated pilot training environments than having to consider flying higher risk outside of envelope maneuvers e.g. those approaching and beyond stall.

A two page information bulletin and summary is available.

Stall 2 pager

Q: Can j2 Software be used to support Flight Test Programmes

The j2 Flight Test Suite is designed specifically to be used in supporting flight test programmes. The software can take flight test data in real time, run analyses in minutes and feedback instuction to the aircraft whilst still in the air. In addition the predictive aircraft model can be used directly to simulation providing a valuable Test Pilot briefing tool identifying and mitigating risk proir to the test flight.

It is possible to run the entire flight test envelope using the j2 Flight Test Suite software to identify and evaluate areas of sensitivity requiring more detailed evaluation.

For more information on how the j2 Software can be used to significantly shorten the duration of flight test programmes please look to the pdf file attached to the news item.

Software Functionality

Q: Can j2 Universal Software be used as a knowledge protection tool also?

Many own code tools used in the industry where developed a long time ago and whilst they are used the architecture and how they hang together is less well understood. There is therefore a risk, should something break, of this not being useable. The j2 Universal software suite is able to use whatever code or legacy data that already exists and is used. This means that once such existing data has been integrated/linked into the j2 model environment it can be ring fenced and protected as any further change is undertaken within the j2 environment and not on the legacy tool.

This ring fencing capability therefore provides a protective wrapper for legacy tools and knowledge and ensures that this knowledge can be used unabated on a fully supported non-legacy platform which can evolve as core Microsoft operating systems evolve.

In this way the j2 Universal software suite can be used to protect older legacy tools and the knowledge contained within.

Q: You state the output from j2 software is trusted and qualified. Trusted by whom?

The j2 software has been qualified and trusted by two major OEM’s, Embraer and EADS Security and Defence. Both companies evaluated the j2 software directly against their own trusted legacy codes/toools first and then gave the green light for its adoption and use. Both companies have contributed endorsed case histories and also act as client references when requested.

This has now also extended into the area of flight test data matching and QTG development and analysis where a recently announced strategic alliance with KSR, in the USA, signals a major breakthrough in flight test data handling and simulator model build capability and process.

Q: Do you have to write any scripts to run cases or analyses in J2.

No, no script writing or code writing at all. This is one of the key advantages of using the j2 Universal Tool Kit software and contributes greatly to how much faster you can go without adding manpower or work hours. The emphasis with j2 moves from the endless writing of code and/or scripts, a significant bottleneck, to using the valuable aerospace domain knowledge within the team to conduct significantly more and more valuable analysis quickly and easily.

Q: Just how many cases can I analyse and how fast can j2 software analyse these?

You can run anything up to 10,000 cases at present. The j2 software would expect to complete an initial analysis on these cases in one go without any need to write scripts in order to run each case. You might expect to run say 3000 cases in minutes not hours. We can be more precise on this if we have a better view of the project you are working on.

Q: Does the j2 software have any version and change control logic in it

Yes, there is a complete version control and change control capability built into the j2 software. The j2 Universal Framework has a Microsoft SQL database at its core allowing for the complete raft of change and update traceabilty, user permissions, teams allocation, viewing/editing privaledges etc that you would expect when using a mature and powerful database toolset.

Q: How quickly can j2 software qualify the impact of a change to an existing aircraft.

Provided you have an existing aircraft model that can be integrated into j2 software then the qualification can be completed very quickly.

The change is added as a delta to the base model, so any number of changes or sensitivities can be analysed in one go. Furthermore the change can be flown straight to Simulation in real time and a Pilot can assess the actual impact of the change on aircraft handling or a series of potted manoeuvres can be programmed into j2 and the auto pilot can fly them and provide a visual comparison of the flights from a number of design cases using the 3D viewing platform, J2 Virtual.

Q: Can I bring in my own trusted equations and/or other data sources into the j2 software environment?

Absolutely yes. It is a key tenet of J2 that you can still use your trusted tools and code whilst taking advantage of the powerful analytical and evaluation capabilities of J2. It also helps with any transition as you build confidence and trust in j2 software quicker.

Q: Can J2 software run on Windows XP and Windows 7

Absolutely yes. J2 software is validate to run on both operating systems. We do not run on Windows Vista.

Q: Can j2 software be used on a network?

Yes. The J2 software has a MSSQL database at its core. All the licenses are floating and can be easily networked.

Q: Can I use and fly models built in other code through J2 into Simulation?

Absolutely yes. This is a significant advantage of j2 software. These tend to be professional type tools. You will also need the J2 Pilot SDK to enable you to make the necessary integrations into your SIM environment.J2 can provide professional expertise in this area.