Can j2 Universal Software be used as a knowledge protection tool also?

Many own code tools used in the industry where developed a long time ago and whilst they are used the architecture and how they hang together is less well understood. There is therefore a risk, should something break, of this not being useable. The j2 Universal software suite is able to use whatever code or legacy data that already exists and is used. This means that once such existing data has been integrated/linked into the j2 model environment it can be ring fenced and protected as any further change is undertaken within the j2 environment and not on the legacy tool.

This ring fencing capability therefore provides a protective wrapper for legacy tools and knowledge and ensures that this knowledge can be used unabated on a fully supported non-legacy platform which can evolve as core Microsoft operating systems evolve.

In this way the j2 Universal software suite can be used to protect older legacy tools and the knowledge contained within.

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