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How Do You Analyse Transition in PAV/eVTOL?

This is the third paper in the series of focusing on modelling and analysis challenges when developing PAV/eVTOL aircraft. This focuses on how the j2 Universal Tool-Kit is applied when developing the Feed Forward scheduling of Controls, Throttle, and Thrust Angle to enable the speed to be controlled and to transition between hover and forwards flight.

Transition between hover flight and forwards flight is a critical phase for PAV/eVTOL platforms. This can be difficult to model as there are a lot of variables requiring the blending of controls and flying techniques. This paper provides an outline of work that has been carried out using the j2 Universal Tool-Kit on a tilt rotor UAV.

An important advantage when using j2 Universal Tool-Kit for PAV/eVTOL development is that the user can accommodate different controls be it change in aircraft attitude, change in engine orientation, or classical control surfaces without the need to write any code or scripts.

This work was originally performed for a customer but has been reproduced here using an example aircraft. The data are representative as is the process used to demonstrate what is capable with the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

The full paper in pdf format can be found by clicking on the link top left of this post.

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