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j2 Aircraft Dynamics Completes Phase 2 Stall Study Using the j2 Universal Tool-Kit Software

J2 Aircraft Dynamics has completed phase two of its work on stall and stall recovery and the recognition of aircraft behaviour providing queues to pilots in the event of instrument failure.

This is a growing area for improvement and the principles applied within the j2 Universal Tool-Kit have unlocked a significant evaluation capability that can now be rolled out across a range of fixed wing platforms.

The capability of being able to fly the high fidelity model direct to SIM in flight regimes that are both abnormal as well as extending outside of the envelope is unique to the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

This capability and study findings are further enhanced through the application of the flight test experience from the strategic alliance with Kohlman Systems Research (KSR) as a technical leader in flight test practices and the strategic alliance with Engineering Systems Inc (ESI) a leading forensic engineering company in the US.

The j2 Universal Toolkit has already completed this work across a large wide bodied aircraft model and a variety of general aviation aircraft types and this work is expected to continue as more information becomes available on outside of envelope operations across a broader range of aircraft.

It is hoped that the powerful predictive j2 Universal Tool-Kit can help deliver a greater capability in simulated pilot training environments than having to consider flying higher risk outside of envelope maneuvers e.g. those approaching and beyond stall.

A two page information bulletin and summary is available.

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