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j2 Releases a Preview of its Proprietary Air Accident Investigation Process Using the J2 Universal Tool-Kit

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is now firmly regarded as being a significant contributor to enhancing the investigative capabilities of both authorities and forensic investigation companies world-wide. The recent alliance with ESi in the US is rapidly escalating the capability and this is likely to result in major advances in understanding accidents and how the enhanced understanding can track through into advances in flight safety standards.

The attached paper provides an insight into the proprietary j2 process and walks the reader through the process. This paper starts, like everyone else does, by reproducing a video from the available GPS and on board flight recorder data. However, this is where many other processes stop. The bulk of the paper then focuses on the capability within j2 software and applied domain knowledge and takes the reader from a position of having no data, to a full and complete recreation and understanding of the accident from a flight physics foundation.

The speed with which this is accomplished in j2 is breathtaking. This particular study was completed from a position of no data within a 2.5 week period. This included building and qualifying the aircraft model required to undertake the analysis.

To access the white paper please click on the pdf or click here: Identification of Control Surface Deflections

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