j2 Universal Tool-Kit

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit software is a fully integrated framework which can run all your design case analysis, trade and sensitivity studies, performance prediction, flight matching and parameter identification work in flight test and then fly your models to simulation at any time. The trusted and proven j2 software is already used within major global OEM’s. The j2 Universal Tool Kit uniquely acts as a single designanalysis ‘sandbox’ environment that enables any aircraft to be continually assessed and optimised throughout the whole lifecycle from concept, through detailed design to flight test, certification and simulation. The same j2 Universal Tool Kit framework can be used to run any number of trade and sensitivity study analyses which also covers mid-life update and airframe upgrade work.


The j2 software is highly collaborative providing a data centric process that ensures all team members are working from the latest version and the same data source of an aircraft project. From the conceptual stages of an aircraft design project it is possible to “fly” and evaluate the aircraft over the complete flight envelope and re-assess, at will, with the click of a button as the fidelity of the design progresses. The same j2 software framework embraces aircraft design specification through to flight test, flight matching, parameter identification and can optimise the ‘Design-to-Certification-to-Simulation’ process as well as the rapid qualification of change through trade and sensitivity studies.


  • j2 Universal Framework

    The Desktop Interface that is the core of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit. This provides the main data access, version control and configuration management. The j2 Universal Tool Framework is required for all users. Aircraft models and flight test/simulation results can be automatically imported for use by the plug in modules.


Model Building

  • j2 Builder

    This unique and easy-to-use interface enables users to construct sophisticated aircraft data models rapidly and efficiently, even introduce your own equations/expressions enhancing model fidelity. Undertake detailed mass and inertia breakdown and import high order CFD or wind tunnel data into the j2 model.


  • j2 Elements

    Enables the user to build full dynamic models with only basic geometry and surface information available. Automatically calculate total aerodynamic coefficients and derivatives through using the embedded integrated strip theory.


  • j2 Developer

    A Software Development Kit (SDK) for all users to write their own components, expressions and libraries and then interface them into j2 Aircraft Models. You can take existing aircraft model code and engine data e.g. FORTRAN and integrate straight into the aircraft model through automated interfaces.



  • j2 Freedom

    Enables users to create trim and response scenarios and detailed analysis of manoeuvres. Use these models together with previously created aircraft to perform static and dynamic analyses, flying the certification envelope and increasing confidence in the ability to certify the aircraft.


  • j2 Classical

    By using j2 Classical, a fully integrated component of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, there is no need to go to any another application to start looking at Linear Analyses and developing algorithms to establish modes of motion.


  • j2 Performance

    Click ‘More’ for information on the j2 Performance toolkit component.


  • j2 Matlab Toolbox

    Allows the full capability of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit to be available to Simulink Model files. Manoeuvres developed from within j2 can also be flown on Simulink Models. Integrate FCS design directly into j2 models. Evaluate open and closed loop capabilities using the same test cases and criteria.


  • j2 Active

    j2 Active enables users to take existing aircraft model code and engine data and integrate straight into the aircraft model through automated interfaces. Integrate easily constructed configuration managed aircraft models into existing MATLAB/Simulink simulations.


Charting and Visualisation

  • j2 Visualize

    The data display plug-in of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit enables designers to create monitors, graphs and traces with which to view the data either as an analysis is underway or as a post processing tool. Create templates that can be re-used each time the model is refined to view consistent reports.


  • j2 Virtual

    Allows flight test data to be viewed, to highlight what actually happens during an unexplained or complex aircraft manoeuvre. The 3-D 360o view provides a highly valuable viewing capability that can visually compare Pilot responses to ‘ideal’ scenarios.



  • j2 Pilot

    Ever wanted to see an aircraft fly in real-time during the design phase? Using the J2 Pilot plug-in’s automatic interfaces/models you can fly aircraft on your J2 Universal Database in a simple desktop simulation at any stage in design.