j2 Rotary Solution

Models are constructed in j2 Builder with the j2 Rotary plug-in providing an interface to HeliSIM for the dynamic characteristics of the Main Rotor, Tail Rotor and Gearbox. The forces and moments from the rotors and gearbox along with downwash characteristics, torque information and rotor speed will be returned and integrated with the airframe aerodynamics and mass and inertia to provide a full set forces and moments for the complete helicopter.

The engine characteristics defining the engine speed and torque, and as such will drive the rotors through the Drive Shaft.

The resulting total forces and moments from the complete model are input into the equations of motion and the new helicopter states calculated.

When the Flight Dynamics Engine Model (FDEM) is ready, this system can then be integrated into any simulator. Any/All helicopter parameters can be passed through an interface to the Client Host/Manager.

As far as the j2 Host/FDEM is concerned all simulator management, terrain information, systems information and inputs to the FDEM come through the Client Host/Manager thus avoiding separate communication with each of the individual systems.

The model is completely visible for modification and corrections through the use of the j2 Engineering environment.

The j2 components that are integrated in the development of the j2 Host/FDEM are standard components of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

These same components also make up part of the engineering environment.

This means that the model can be modified and tuned directly within the engineering environment. The QTG/ATG tests can be run and checked on the model and then tested on the Simulator without the need to transfer the model data from one system to the next as everything access the model from the j2 Database.