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j2 Releases a Detailed White Paper on How The j2 Universal Tool Kit Software Provides an Independant Capability for the Investigation and Analysis of Air Accidents

The j2 Universal Tool Kit software has now been show to be effective in the evaluation of all possibilities and considerations associated with equipment failures, collisions and orientation changes which contribute to air accidents.

This detailed report is released with permission from the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB). The report provides insight into the process used by j2 Aircraft Dynamics in an Accident investigation and analysis, how the j2 software is applied and the various stages of verification used in supporting the findings of the investigation and providing further insight.

The work undertaken by j2 took 2 weeks starting from a position of no data and the analytical workshop and visualisation was conducted in real time over a period of 2 hours.

To access the detailed white paper click the pdf or click here: Piper Navajo Accident Investigation v3


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