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Flight Dynamics Analysis with J2 Aircraft Dynamics and the J2 Universal Tool-Kit

This document is intended to give a brief outline of the way in which the J2 Universal Tool-Kit can be used to assess any aircraft at any point in its design cycle from concept to completion and beyond. Each stage has a summary of the data required as well as objectives for each stage and the type of analysis that can be expected.

This list is not exhaustive and is primarily for demonstrating how the software can be used rather than a definitive description. From this information, it is believed that it is possible to understand how the software can fit into existing processes to perform the current analysis as well as add additional benefits of speed, a cohesive team environment, and a structure/integrated analysis tool. When considering process development, it is worth understanding how the J2 Universal Tool-Kit can fit into the different design stages and to see the improvements where each discipline is working together, and projects can be passed seamlessly from one stage to another being continually updated as more information is known about the project.

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