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G Seat Pilot Trainer Bulletin

Product Information Sheet

The EDM/j2 G-seat Pilot Trainer represents a significant advance in the use of Aerodynamic models to drive a simulated environment.

As one of only 3 select companies in the world who manufacture simulated ejection seats under license from Martin Baker, EDM have teamed up with j2 Aircraft Dynamics to deliver a significant first – the ability to fly a g seat in real time without lag or delay in response between controls and seat actuation.

The simulated seats are already used within a Pilot training environment e.g. Eurofighter Typhoon, M35 Hawk and F35 lightning 2. However the bringing together of the 6 axis moving g seat combined with the latest dynamic aero modelling technology from j2 aircraft is what is unique to this product

How Does The G CUEING Seat Work

A development of the replica seat is the G Cueing Seat. This type of seat incorporates electric actuators or motors which provide “movement” within various parts of the seat.

The seat movement simulates the movement of the aircraft within the simulated environment. This movement coupled with a highly realistic visual and sound simulation, plus in some cases a simulated anti g suit, provides the pilot with an environment that stimulates his/her sensory perception.

It is this sensory stimulation that sets the g-cueing seat apart from fixed base simulators, especially where the actions and timing of actions of a pilot to deliver specific manoeuvres are taken from the effect of g on the body not where they are in the sky.

The actuators within the seat work in a coordinated way to provide simulated movement aligned to the pilots centre of gravity which in itself is aligned to the aircraft primary axis X,Y and Z.

The actuators are stimulated from a complex 6 axis flight model developed by j2 Aircraft Dynamics. This is the intelligent core of the product offering. The model, within the simulation, calculates in real time, simultaneous equations of motion based on the centre of gravity of the pilot within the simulated aircraft model ie Hawk, Typhoon, F35 etc. This provides the pilot with “surge” “heave” and “sway” cues.

Product Features

EDM/j2 have already delivered in 2010 a number of G Cueing seat set ups that will be used for the new Royal Air Force Hawk T MKII Full Mission Simulators. In developing the solution for the RAF, EDM/j2 have produced a seat with the following key features :

  • Retention of all key simulated equipment on the seat to allow highly realistic ingress and egress training
  • Integrated 6 axis modular actuation system providing real time G‐cueing in “surge”, “sway” and “heave”.
  • Innovative rolling motion through the use of asymmetric movement of the seat pan
  • Seat actuator modules are designed for removal and re‐fit with the seat in the simulator cockpit thus providing a high degree of maintainability
  • Control of the seat actuators is via a high speed CANBUS network
  • Actuators and control system are Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) items.
  • Communication to the seat from the aircraft and visual system simulation is via a standard Ethernet connection.

Summary Component Specification

Open Format (not cockpit fitted)

The open format system incorporates a number of commercially available packages that are fully integrated into the dynamic flight model and g seat product. These include:

A dynamic side-stick and throttle unit which is fully integrated into the simulation. (Sterling Dynamics)

The dynamic flight model at the core of the product has been specifically developed by j2 Aircraft Dynamics and is based on a generic fast jet training aircraft. The model is fully customisable to provide highly realistic handling characteristics and failure modes. J2 are a specialist aerodynamic software modelling company who have worked with the likes of Airbus, Embraer and EADS on prototype aircraft design projects.

The open format uses the Genesis RTX ™visual database supplied by Cogent 3D and Diamond Visionics.

Computing power for the image generation is standard while the high definition projectors are controlled through Mersive Technology’s SOL ™ image blending software.

The Head Up Display (HUD) package is provided by DISTI. This is customisable to suit any specified aircraft lay out.

The resulting collaborative and fully integrated package has resulted in a demonstration that will show how diverse off the shelf and bespoke products can be integrated through industry common software standards such as CIGI (Common Image Generator Interface).

For further information contact Paul Jenkins – Snr VP Sales j2Aircraft Dynamics Ltd


Cell +44 (0)7980 818724

Vers 1, Aug 2010

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