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The J2 Universal Tool-Kit – More than Dynamic Modelling

Jane’s “All the World’s Aircraft” has documented over 950 aircraft projects from over 550 manufacturers across the globe. In performing it’s market research to develop requirements and understand the industry perspective on software design tools, J2 Aircraft Dynamics have spoken, directly and indirectly, to over 200 of these manufacturers.

In addition to our research, we have over 15 years experience in aircraft design and control including handling qualities evaluation and envelope expansion of the Eurofighter Typhoon Aircraft, design and control system development of Reconnaissance, Radar Jamming and Flying Target UAVs, Thrust Vectoring and conventional aircraft. Each aircraft class offers their own unique requirements on handling qualities, stability and control, and manoeuvring. We have analysed Business Jets and a variety of unconventional aircraft and missile systems.

This extensive research and experience base underpins the overall capabilities of the J2 Universal Tool-Kit. We have not yet come across any other solution that comes close to achieving the benefits offered by the J2 solution.

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