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j2 Universal Tool-Kit Selected by AERALIS for Modular Aircraft Design and Simulation

AERALIS, the transformational British military jet developer, has selected the j2 Universal Tool-Kit as a key component of its digital engineering process, using its simulation capabilities to perform digital test and evaluation from the outset of the programme, enabling fast … Continue reading

J2 and Alakai Technologies Corporation Supporting Certification Standards for their Skai PAV Platform.

This article follows on from the most recent news article, dated 9 April, 2020 from j2 Aircraft Dynamics, of their collaboration with Alakai Technologies Corporation in the USA, on the development of their Skai – by Alakai PAV/eVTOL aircraft. j2 … Continue reading

J2 to Stop Support for 32-Bit Versions of The j2 Universal Tool-Kit

As part of its on-going version control and software support improvement process, j2 Aircraft Dynamics has announced that it will be stopping support of its 32-Bit product version of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit. A recent review has shown that users … Continue reading

j2 Update on the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, .NET 4.8, Cyber Security and Windows 10

Overall System Security and performance continue to be an important consideration when running any operating system. For security purposes it is always advisable to run the latest version of Windows and in the case of Windows 10, those improvements are … Continue reading

PAV/eVTOL – How Do You Analyse Transition

This is the second paper in the series of focusing on modelling and analysis challenges when developing PAV/eVTOL aircraft. This paper focuses on how the j2 Universal Tool-Kit is applied to developing the model such that all the aspects of … Continue reading

COVID19 – Operating statement by j2 Aircraft Dynamics with regards to remote consulting and support for j2 Universal Tool-Kit users and or j2 Consulting clients.

The recent and continuing pandemic controls associated with COVID 19 are affecting us all in the way we work around the world. J2 has taken appropriate steps to ensure it is able to continue working with clients and that they … Continue reading

J2 Universal Tool-Kit Integrated PAV/eVTOL Transition Modelling, Analysis and Simulation

J2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd, developers of the Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) j2 Universal Tool-Kit software, are gaining traction in the fast growing PAV/eVTOL development space. The benefits of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, already found in fixed wing and rotary … Continue reading

j2 – COVID19 – Operating Update

This is the most recent Operating update from j2 Aircraft Dynamics Limited. At j2 Aircraft Dynamics, we are keeping ourselves as informed as possible regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and the latest guidance on how best we implement the advice from … Continue reading

J2 Aircraft Dynamics Announces Additional ITAR License Granted in the USA

J2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd is proud to announce a further ITAR license has been granted in the USA Defence sector for the work it is doing with TRU Simulation and Training. This ITAR license award comes hot on the heels … Continue reading

Fraud and Misrepresentation of j2 in China Continues to Cost Customers Thousands

This news release follows a previous news item on this same subject back in May 2018. j2 Aircraft Dynamics is disappointed to announce that previously highlighted illegal misrepresentation of j2 in the China market continues. What is more disappointing is … Continue reading