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COVID19 – Operating statement by j2 Aircraft Dynamics with regards to remote consulting and support for j2 Universal Tool-Kit users and or j2 Consulting clients.

The recent and continuing pandemic controls associated with COVID 19 are affecting us all in the way we work around the world. J2 has taken appropriate steps to ensure it is able to continue working with clients and that they can continue to send and receive client data to support specific projects as required without the need for travel and direct client contact.

J2 is well experienced in remote working, distance based support, use of secure file transfer sites and the use and handling of client data, supporting on going progress and project demands.

The nature of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software allows for widely distributed project teams working across Windows based operating systems to use secure VPN’s to securely transmit and work on data and analysis within j2 software. Complete database transfers including models and analyses and remote working are part of our DNA, so if any clients require remote support and or direct consulting input during this unprecedented time please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact details:
email: info@j2aircraft.com
or paul.jenkins@j2aircraft.com

Ph: +44 (0)845 0529489 (John Jeffery)

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