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Fraud and Misrepresentation of j2 in China Continues to Cost Customers Thousands

This news release follows a previous news item on this same subject back in May 2018.

j2 Aircraft Dynamics is disappointed to announce that previously highlighted illegal misrepresentation of j2 in the China market continues. What is more disappointing is that the illegal actions of the same company, Beijing Vision Strategy Technology Ltd and Mr Jack Zheng, who are claiming to represent j2 Aircraft Dynamics, is taking monies from clients and not supplying the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software and knowledge transfer that underpins all j2 sales in China. They are leaving customers high and dry. The company and individual  concerned who are acting illegally are:

  1. Beijing Vision Strategy Technology Ltd
  2. Mr Jack Zheng

Despite these illegal actions causing delays to purchase orders, j2 Aircraft Dynamics has remained fully committed to the China Aerospace market but it has now taken the step to escalate this matter to both the British Embassy in Beijing and the China commercial authorities as it seeks to overcome this barrier to trade between China and the UK in the aerospace engineering sector.
J2 Director, Paul Jenkins said, “All UK companies wishing to trade with China should be aware that there are unscrupulous companies in China who will masquerade as your agent, provide completely meaningless price indications and present capabilities that they are incapable of delivering. They will seek to undermine any legitimate agent in the execution of their duty in China.”

The only losers in this story are our highly valued and prestigious China clients like COMAC and a variety of AVIC centric companies who may have already parted with sums of money and received less than acceptable products and services completely unsupported by j2. By any stretch such actions amount to theft. Click on the link for an official letter to customers from j2 Aircraft Dynamics:

Scanned BVST Letter

Please be aware that if you are trading or planning to trade with this organisation or this individual in China then you should anticipate being misled and your business being put at significant commercial risk.

All legitimate pricing and product enquires for the China market should be addressed either to J2 Aircraft Dynamics directly or to our sole representative in China, Jesse Technology Company (“JTC”) having offices at 10503R, Yinhe New Coordinate Building No. 25, Tangyan RD, New High-tech Zone, Xian, China, C/O Mr Li Tong.
Ph: +86 137 5989 0383
M: +1 514 757 8686

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