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J2 Aircraft Dynamics Announces Additional ITAR License Granted in the USA

J2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd is proud to announce a further ITAR license has been granted in the USA Defence sector for the work it is doing with TRU Simulation and Training. This ITAR license award comes hot on the heels of the previous 4 year ITAR license, awarded in April of 2018 for work being done with L3T (now L3Harris).

This most recent ITAR license award is for modelling and flight test data analysis work, developing high fidelity models for Pilot training simulators for a fixed wing intermediate training aircraft, the T6. The previous ITAR license covered a variety of fixed wing and rotary platforms including B2, C130, C17, F16, F18, E3 Dragon, RC135, CH47, UH60L/M, MD53OG.

The use of j2 Universal Tool-Kit software is now very well established with US Sim companies supplying into the US Defence sector and is enabling flight simulator companies to save time and money on flight test data handling and analysis in the development and improvement of high fidelity models for pilot training simulation.

For more information on the j2 high fidelity fixed wing and rotary modelling to Simulation capability please contact Paul Jenkins, Senior Vice President of j2:

E: paul.jenkins@j2aircraft.com

M:+44 7908 818724

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