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j2 Aircraft Dynamics Announces The Formation of DFM a Joint Venture Company

J2 Aircraft Dynamics and IAG LLP are pleased to announce the formation of a joint venture company, Dynamic Fuel Management Ltd (DFM). DFM will focus on the application of j2 whole aircraft modelling technology combined with professional piloting input to predict how an aircraft’s flight is able to deliver fuel savings through the way it is operated and flown. The predictive capability focuses on the identification of zones of opportunity within the certified flight envelope where fuel savings can be made through the way an aircraft is flown and operated.

This is a significant breakthrough and applies the same analytical processes derived from core aircraft design analysis and flight test but applies these to operating aircraft. The commercial off the shelf capability offered by DFM can compress hugely complex predictive analysis into a matter of hours. This can provide direct guidance to the aircraft operator on factors they have influence over which can show how different ways of operating the flight can burn less fuel as a result.

Early verifiable results are indicating up to 5% fuel saving overall can be achieved with considerably higher savings in certain flight phases e.g. climb, notwithstanding operational constraints which might be placed on the aircraft e.g. by air traffic control.

Paul Jenkins, Snr VP j2 said, “this is a pivotal moment for j2 and its on-going applications development. This capability, able to prove savings of upto $25 million for each $500 million spent on aviation fuel is a powerful proposition. It is absolutely right that we identify and work with partner companies who add a different dimension and expertise to the proven j2 software capability. The formation of this JV is likely to be the first of many as j2 starts to focus on the delivery of value in discreet application areas e.g. Core Engineering and Design and Analysis, Flight Test, Model to Simulation and Crash investigation.

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