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j2 Aircraft Dynamics Completes Phase 1 Stall Study Using the J2 Universal ToolKit

J2 Aircraft Dynamics has completed the first phase work on stall and stall recovery. This is an area which has gained more and more profile over the last few years and has been linked to a number of aircraft accidents in that time.

The j2 Universal Toolkit software has already been used to run the initial analytical cases on a large wide bodied aircraft model and is looking at the comparisons between existing certified flight envelope and those areas of an expanded envelope where stall can occur.

The j2 capability is also examining the impact of pilot actions, recovery scenarios and procedures.

The phase 1 work was completed in a matter of weeks and phases 2 and 3, which includes more detailed work and the direct links into simulator platforms, are expected to get the go ahead in the coming months.

In line with the current applications of j2 Universal Tool-Kit software in Air accident investigation the agility of the j2 software and the speed with which the aircraft models are built and the analysis and outcomes can be arrived at is cutting the normally expected time to completion by 60%.

Paul Jenkins Snr. VP Marketing said, “this first phase has been completed very quickly using the existing j2 capability. The client is already looking at how the same process can be applied to other aircraft and how quickly the answers can be arrived at. This further strengthens the position of j2 in the market place and builds on the work already done with AAIB in air accident investigation.”

For more information on delivering this capability and the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software contact either Mr Paul Jenkins or Mr John Jeffery via the contact page of the website.

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