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J2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd Warns of the Dangers of Misrepresentation in China Aerospace Market

Recently, j2 Aircraft Dynamics has become aware of a number of companies in China who are falsely claiming they represent j2 Aircraft Dynamics in China. They have old product information on their respective websites that is incorrect or misleading.

The companies, we are aware of, who are guilty of misrepresentation include:
• Beijing Vision Strategy/BVST (北京银景科技有限公司) (www.visionstrategy.com.cn)
• Oriental Huage Technology (东方华歌科技) POWER ENGINEERING/ Hongsa Science Technology (www.bj-hugo.cn)
• Beijing Sytna Technologies (北京思易特科技) (http://www.sytna.com)

We also understand that the persons involved are:
• BVST – Mr Jack Zheng
• Hongsa Science Technology – Mr Jerry Zhang (previously BVST)

J2 have a duty of care to our clients in China and we feel that we have to warn them that these companies and certainly the two persons mentioned, have no commercial, technical or business relationship of any kind with j2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd.

We strongly advise any Company Administration in China against any interaction with these companies, with respect to j2 Aircraft Dynamics and the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, at risk of major commercial and technical embarrassment to them. Any attempt to purchase j2 products from these unauthorized companies will result in Administration teams unknowingly purchasing unlicensed and/or illegal software and any software supplied will not work correctly.

Furthermore, these companies do not have the skills or knowledge to support the j2 software products and will be unable to provide the crucial knowledge transfer activities required.

These companies are knowingly involved in misrepresentation designed to mislead/dupe commercial decision makers and companies into trading with them and will result in a loss of money.

J2 fully appreciates that such an outcome would be embarrassing which is why we are making this matter very public knowledge and alerting our highly valued clients in China to these dangers.

Please do not be misled by these companies claims. They are false.

J2 Aircraft Dynamics have a single, exclusive authorized agent in China;  Xi’an Jesse Electronic Technology Company LTD – 西安杰西电子科技发展有限责任公司.

This company has worked hard with j2 in China since 2013 to establish a strong technical leadership in critical aerospace engineering and simulation disciplines where knowledge transfer underpins any successful application and use of j2 Universal Tool-Kit software.

Further information be found on their website: http://jesse.com.cn/index.asp

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