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j2 – COVID19 – Operating Update

This is the most recent Operating update from j2 Aircraft Dynamics Limited.

At j2 Aircraft Dynamics, we are keeping ourselves as informed as possible regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and the latest guidance on how best we implement the advice from the UK Government.

We have already been limiting our overseas travel in the last months, this has meant j2 staff have not been to any of the high risk regions since January 2019. With further travel restrictions being put in place by the travel industry, we will not now be traveling outside of the UK in the coming weeks.
However, whilst this is a business interruption as far as face to face contact is concerned, these events in no way restricts our ability to maintain our services to you.

We will continue to provide support via telephone, email and Video Conferencing where necessary. This includes all j2 Consulting and Accident Investigation activity. We can assure you that whilst, in the short-term, we are unable to attend any overseas flight test activities, we can continue to support all such activities and perform any analysis off-site. Whilst this may slow down the turn-around time for such activities, we will maintain our high standards of working and seek to minimise any disruptions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in the usual way.

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