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j2 Releases New Flight Test Software Suite, j2 FlightTest

j2 Aircraft Dynamics are pleased to announce the release of their latest product, j2 Flight Test Suite. j2 Flight Test is a specific suite of software designed to help manufacturers and certification authorities accelerate their flight test capabilities, reducing cost and timescales to certification.

The j2 software suite is able to take actual flight test data as it is generated in real time, run the complete analysis whilst the test aircraft is airborne, compare against the predictive aero model and provide re-direction back to the test programme Pilot in minutes. The predictive aircraft model is updated, outputed to any Simulator platform and then re-flown at will, building greater and greater fidelity in the predicted model throughout the flight test programme.

The j2 FlightTest software can be used to predict flight test points and areas of potential sensitivity thus focusing efforts on where the actual flight test programme should concentrate their available flight hours. The constant feedback and analysis of live data can move the flight test process on or request further data instantly should this be required without the need to land and de-brief.

The j2 Flight Test software can also be used directly to SIM environments to assist test pilots in flight test planning and risk mitigation providing a powerful briefing tool on what to expect when performing specific certification manouveres.

The j2 Flight Test software suite can take most data formats from flight test instrumentation, running cases in the air with engineers on board or via telemetry with ground based personnel. Either way the resulting analysis and re-direction is instant taking only a few minutes to complete.

J2 Aircraft Dynamics expect this advance will reduce the costs of flight test by more than 20% vs techniques used today.

To find out more click here and download the pdf VP-Flight test master-11-04-07.

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