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J2 to Stop Support for 32-Bit Versions of The j2 Universal Tool-Kit

As part of its on-going version control and software support improvement process, j2 Aircraft Dynamics has announced that it will be stopping support of its 32-Bit product version of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

A recent review has shown that users have now evolved away from 32-Bit operating systems to the more powerful 64-Bit machines. As such the new version 7, due out shortly, will only be offered as a 64-Bit product.

Even though it is stopping support for the 32–Bit systems, j2 is continuing to upgrade what is currently in use and to take advantage of the operating benefits offered by 64-Bit machines, especially in regard to analysis processing speeds where the 64-Bit machines excel.

j2 will continue to offer paid support to those users who need it after the first-year post purchase and this has not changed. Any customers who are in a current support contract can upgrade their licenses to the 64-Bit version at no charge.

The outcome of this decision is that 32-Bit versions will no longer be offered for sale.

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