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J2 Universal Tool-Kit Integrated PAV/eVTOL Transition Modelling, Analysis and Simulation

J2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd, developers of the Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) j2 Universal Tool-Kit software, are gaining traction in the fast growing PAV/eVTOL development space. The benefits of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, already found in fixed wing and rotary modelling, analysis and simulation, are also available to PAV/eVTOL manufacturers.

All types of PAV/eVTOL, Tilt Thrust/Lift Cruise/Multi-Rotor, present a common problem in modelling and analysing the transition between hover to conventional flight and back. The ability of j2 Universal Tool-Kit to successfully model and analyse all of these vehicles is rooted in multi rotor/thrust vectored UAV developments over the last 10 years. The j2 software is able to successfully model and analyse flight transitions across all airspeed, altitude and atmospheric conditions without the need for endless code writing.

This ‘out of the box’ capability has already found commercial success with one of the leading PAV development clients, Alaka’i Technologies Corporation, with whom j2 is working in the USA.

J2 Universal Tool-Kit users can build a data model of any PAV platform without the need to write code. The j2 software will also provide the development teams with endless possibilities to examine multi rotor behaviours, the influence of differing power delivery logic on PAV stability and control and the development and evaluation of a range of different flight control system logics on any air-vehicle behaviour. Multiple Flight Control Systems can be plugged into the solution for comparison and evaluation or completely new controls logic can be added and evaluated.

J2 Universal Tool-Kit is already recognized and used by leading aircraft design companies, simulation companies and PAV development companies. In all cases the step change in development speed vs the more conventional code writing approach has been able to reduce development times by up to 50% in all cases.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit can tackle all aspects of aircraft development from conceptual design through to flight test and manned simulations, taking the aircraft right through to certification and pilot evaluation. In this regard j2 have already been issued with 2 ITAR licenses to work with major Simulator OEM companies in the USA.

J2 Universal Tool-Kit software is available to purchase outright but users can also benefit from leasing the software for defined periods. J2 Aircraft Dynamics can also provide consulting capability that can be transferred in-house as and when required.

J2 will be releasing a series of articles over the coming weeks on specific technical areas associated with the development of PAV/eVTOL aircraft but welcome further discussion and information requests.

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