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New dawn for helicopter modelling

The unique capability, of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software has seen j2 Aircraft Dynamics awarded a contract by US-based F2Si to develop a model of the Airbus Defence and Space EC-145 helicopter.

The model for use in a FAA Level-6 equivalent Flight Training Device (FTD), incorporates an external Blade Element Rotor Model and is fully tuneable using the advanced modelling environment.

j2’s Universal Tool-Kit creates a unique modelling environment that enables old and new data to be merged to produce a complete aircraft/helicopter model.

Aircraft models are built using a hierarchical structure that mimics the plane’s layout allowing for items to be located as they would on a real vehicle. External components can be added and referenced on the model to enable existing code or integration with other mathematical libraries.

A complete engineering environment integrated with a real-time simulator host means that the model can be developed, analysed, instantly tested and flown on the simulator.
Using these tools and the full flight matching capability of the Tool-Kit, F2Si (Fidelity Flight Simulation Inc.) has taken the baseline EC-145 model and extended it to produce in record time a Level-6 variant for a US army military application, matching with flight test data.

Paul Jenkins, senior VP Sales at j2 Aircraft Dynamics said: “This has been an exciting and testing delivery resulting in a fully flexible and tuneable model for the client. We believe it sets us apart in the Sim modelling world on rotary wing applications as the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software can be simply adjusted when more flight data becomes available providing a continuous improvement platform.”

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