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Press Release – Global aircraft manufacturer chooses Daresbury based j2

Friday 14th January 2011
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Global aircraft manufacturer chooses Daresbury based j2

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One of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, Embraer, has chosen j2 Aircraft Dynamics, based on the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, as a partner in its advanced aircraft design engineering activities.

Liverpool Daily Post article on the partnership

The Brazilian manufacturer, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial jets up to 120 seats, has adopted j2’s Universal Tool-Kit software to greatly enhance and accelerate the analytical and evaluation capabilities within its Conceptual and Preliminary Design team. The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is a fully networked design solution that has already been used with existing aircraft models. Embraer is initially using the j2 Universal Framework element of the Tool-Kit which has enabled it to add significant value to its existing design process.

Decio Pullin, Preliminary Design Team Manager at Embraer said:

“Once we knew that we could use our existing modelling code within the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software environment we began to see the significant benefit of using this very powerful analytical and evaluation modelling tool. The idea is to use only j2 Dynamics for the entire Flight Mechanics analysis. We intend also to install j2 in our Engineering Simulator as the main simulation software for this project.”

Paul Jenkins, Senior Vice President (Sales) for j2 Aircraft Dynamics, said:

“Winning the trust of Embraer and being able to demonstrate how our product can return value has been a very proud development for J2 Aircraft Dynamics. There is no doubt that a key factor in this success has been our ability to integrate existing trusted code and mature process into the j2 Universal environment and then open up the very powerful j2 analytical and visualisation capabilities as part of the design process. We look forward to the potential to expand the use of j2 within Embraer.”

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All enquiries should be directed in the first instance to:
Mark Blackburn
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Currently a finalist in the 2010 CIM Marketing Excellence Awards as marketing manager for Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, winners to be announced in February 2011.

J2 Aircraft Dynamics J2 Aircraft Dynamics has evolved a state-of-the-art engineering analysis software tool for the assessment and visualisation of aircraft in flight. Highly effective and popular, the J2 Universal Tool-Kit is easy to use and provides a constant and expert companion in the development of aircraft’s flight dynamics. For further information please visit http://www.j2aircraft.dev.
The J2 Universal Tool-Kit comprises:

  • J2 Framework: handles all the configuration control and plug-in management and provides a data centric approach to aircraft design and analysis.
  • J2 Developer: enables users to integrate their existing approaches with the model building capability provided by J2 Builder.
  • J2 Matlab Toolbox: allows the full capability of the J2 Universal Tool-Kit with Simulink Model Files.
  • J2 Builder: quickly constructs a reliable aircraft model ready for assessment.
  • J2 Freedom: enables users to create trim and response scenarios and use these models together with previously created aircraft to perform static and dynamic analyses.
  • J2 Visualize: enables designers to create monitors, graphs and traces with which to view data either as an analysis is underway or as a post processing tool.
  • J2 Virtual: provides a unique 3-D viewing capability, which shows the aircraft and its characteristics during any manoeuvre.
  • J2 Active: enables organisations with existing solutions that partly fulfil their design and engineering needs to take advantage of the J2 Universal Tool-Kit’s unique design capabilities – without abandoning their own simulations.
  • J2 Elements: enables automatic calculation of total aerodynamic coefficients and derivatives through integrated strip theory.

Embraer S.A. (NYSE: ERJ; BM&FBOVESPA: EMBR3) is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial jets up to 120 seats, and one of Brazil’s leading exporters. Embraer’s headquarters are located in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, and it has offices, industrial operations and customer service facilities in Brazil, China, France, Portugal, Singapore, and the United States. Founded in 1969, the Company designs, develops, manufactures and sells aircraft for the commercial aviation, executive aviation, and defense segments. The Company also provides after sales support and services to customers worldwide. On September 30, 2010, Embraer had a workforce of 17,009 employees – not counting the employees of its partly owned subsidiaries – and its firm order backlog totaled US$ 15.3 billion. For further information please visit http://www.embraer.com.

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