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Unique software halves flight matching effort

j2 Universal Tool-Kit software can halve flight matching time for some of the toughest tests according to j2 Aircraft Dynamics.

Using the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, a major global simulator manufacturer has been able to outperform even its highest expectations in matching simulator models to flight test data. The software developed by UK-based j2 Aircraft Dynamics initially demonstrated significant savings on a trial project and has been adopted to be used for the complete RC-135 Pilot Training Simulator.

Record-time model-tuning corrections have so far been achieved using the software and these exceptional results have led to the software’s extended application for tuning aircraft wake models for Air-Air refuelling.

When combined with the unique process that maximises the potential of the Tool-Kit, the savings have been significant and produce a robust, repeatable, and teachable methodology that means engineers can be rapidly trained up and the returns identified immediately. There is no longer the requirement to have decades of experience to identify what corrections are needed where.

j2 wraps up all of the fundamental flight physics toolsets of fixed wing aircraft in a single environment. The software’s powerful framework, coupled with a fully integrated suite of plug-in modules, covers the full range of design, analysis, visualisation, simulation all the way through to flight test analysis and data matching capability.

Paul Jenkins, senior VP Sales at j2 Aircraft Dynamics said: “The proven capability to integrate existing models directly into the engineering and analysis environment in a matter of hours means that set-up costs are minimal and tuning activity can start straight away. This level of consistency avoids any variances due to different modelling environments.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit removes noise and bias from flight test data and produces a kinematically consistent set of states. Qualification tests are set up easily and continually re-run as the model is tuned. Automatic Parameter Identification enables optimised corrections to be found across the complete range of tests simultaneously.

“The whole system is version controlled and configuration management enables changes to be made on delta models without corrupting the baseline”, continued Mr Jenkins.

j2 will be at ITEC 2016 (17-19 May, Stand C180) at London’s Excel this month. ITEC is the annual forum for representatives from the military, industry and academia to connect with the international training, education and simulation sectors.

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