If you could imagine

In the ideal world you would be able to run all analyses across all Flight Sciences from the conceptual design through to flight test without continually changing tools re-building test cases and re-writing scripts and code to try to integrate.

Welcome to the ideal world.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is the only completely integrated software solution that covers all aspects of Flight Sciences and tracks the complete aircraft project from concept to completion, in a version controlled environment, without the need to write code. The data driven environment puts the design effort back in the hands of the engineers, providing answers to all problems quickly and easily so that they can focus on the results and not writing the solvers.

A built-in knowledge protection capability means that existing code and analyses can be added to the powerful analytics of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software. This adds more value to what exists by using that knowledge in a fully supported and much more robust and versatile platform that can evolve as operating systems expand and change.

Use your resources more wisely with the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

We're happy to answer your questions and help you find out more about our system:

Can I bring in my own trusted equations and/or other data sources into the j2 software environment?

A: Absolutely yes...

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Can j2 Software be used to support Flight Test Programmes

A: The j2 Flight Test Suite is designed specifically to be used in supporting flight test programmes...

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How quickly can j2 software qualify the impact of a change to an existing aircraft.


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Can you integrate with Matlab Simulink to bring in flight control systems?

A: Yes, you can do this directly using the j2 Matlab Toolbox...

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  • The j2 Universal Framework is the core of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit. This provides the main data access, versaion control and configuration management. The j2 Universal Framework is required for all users. Aircraft models and Flight Test Or Simulation results can be automatically imported for use by the plug-ins.
  • Import designs/manufacturers models or create your own, using simple hierarchical data structure.
  • Detailed analysis of manoeuvres and handling of chosen design. Fly the Certification envelope. Increasing confidence in the aircraft’s ability to get Certified.
  • Evaluate the aircraft models using Classical Linear Analysis.  Automatic Identification of Standard Modes of Motion, Frequency and Damping characteristics.
  • Evaluate complete set of performance charts. Evaluate the impact of altitude and airspeed on range and performance.
  • Integrate FCS design directly into j2 Models. Evaluate open and closed loop capabilities usingthe same test cases and criteria.
  • Detailed charts and templates can be created and re-used each time the model is refined to view consistent reports.
  • Understand the meaning in 3-D 360° outside world scenarios.
  • Take existing aircraft model code and engine data and integrate straight into the aircraft model through automated interfaces.
  • Engineer-in-the-Loop simulation enables the designers to fully understand the aircraft characteristics.
  • Take existing aircraft model code and engine data and integrate straight into the aircraft model through automated interfaces.
  • With only basic geometry and surface information available, build full dynamic models using integrated aerodynamic strip theory.