j2 Active

Integrated Solutions

Organisations with existing solutions that partly fulfil their design and engineering needs can still take advantage of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit’s unique design capabilities – without abandoning their own simulations. That’s where the j2 Active plug-in comes to the fore.

j2 Active integrates the power of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit with your current design capabilities and provides a highly effective interface to any external application to analyses j2 Universal models. j2 Active also has an existing built in interface to Matlab Simulink© so you can start work without delay.

The result is to that you can link configurations managing high fidelity aircraft models seamlessly into any Simulink© model or efficiently embed libraries straight into any software package.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Integrate Existing Solutions
    • No need to re-write existing analyses to work with the j2 Universal Tool-Kit
    • Open interface allows analyses written in any language to communicate directly with models and results from j2 Universal.
  2. Collaborative Working
    • Merge all your existing analyses into a single environment working from consistent data across all disciplines.
    • Provides a Central Design Environment
  3. Matlab/Simulink Enabled
    • Pre-Built Simulink© Block can be dropped straight into existing or new system designs without any need to write scripts for recording data back to the database.

Features Advantages and Benefits

Seamless Integration Select Aircraft and Datasets straight out of the database for use with existing applications from Excel through to user defined software. COM interface is already prepared with pre-defined functionality and methods for instant integration.
Graphical Application Develop company specific solutions using the GUI interfaces developed by j2 Aircraft Dynamics. Select aircraft models and Datasets straight from the database and have complete access to all parameters and data signals.
Multi Disciplinary Each discipline can add data and run their own specialist tools interfacing with a consistent aircraft model.
Embed Detailed Models into Existing Simulations Users no longer need to create extensive text files defining aircraft dynamics or look at simplifying data models for convenience. Complex models can be constructed in j2 and connected straight in to the existing solution
Integrated Configuration Management No need for the simulation to be out of step with the any other discipline. Always work with the latest version; changes to the aircraft model are automatically applied
User Defined Model Structure Quickly build models using the hierarchy available in j2 Builder and simply connect up inputs and outputs to the appropriate signals within your simulation in a single step
Update and Run Change the aircraft model without having to update the simulation. Simply run the new version
Work with Variants of the Same Aircraft Optimise the aircraft and add robustness into the Flight Control System (FCS) – create deltas and run parallel simulation, investigating ‘what-if’ cases and how design changes affect the FCS