j2 Developer


With J2 software there’s no need to discard the data models you already use to calculate aerodynamics, mass, inertia and thrust characteristics. J2 Developer and the Software Development Kit (SDK) enable you to integrate old and new to find the perfect solution and optimise return on investment.

What’s more, you get all the configuration, version control, data management capability, integrated visualisation, and comprehensive analyses functionality of the J2 Universal Tool-Kit on your existing data models.


  1. Re-Use Existing Solutions
    • No need to extract data out of working solutions. Simply plug them into the J2 Universal Tool-Kit
    • Perform sensitivity studies using the existing pre-compiled solution as a baseline; superimpose variations on top
  2. Open Interface
    • Models written in any language can be wrapped using the Software Development Kit provided
    • Templates written for most languages
  3. User-orientated Services
    • No need to calculate derivatives to find dynamic effects
    • Local angle of attack is automatically calculated, enabling lift distribution to be calculated based on platform, dihedral and twist
    • Velocity changes shown on each strip, illustrating changes due to Roll, Yaw and Pitch


Features Advantages and Benefits
Easy to Use Graphical Interface Windows Libraries are connected straight into aircraft Models using a simple GUI to connect input and output signals. This means there is no time wasted creating text files for mapping
Compatible with any units Unit conversions are no longer a headache. This is easily managed through the GUI which handles all data conversions
Re-Use Output Ports Once the system has been connected, the output signals become model parameters. They can then be used anywhere in the model for further equations, or to simply turn into total values
Visualize your Data As model parameters, all the data signals within your system are available for use with Data Monitors, Charts and Traces. This gives you total visibility of your data during an analysis
Evaluate Tolerances With detailed software codes, it is often difficult to make changes and evaluate modifications. With J2 Developer, values can be adjusted and tolerances added to the results to give an understanding of sensitivity to change and design parameters
Standard Open Interface There is no need to change the language you have written your solutions in. J2 Developer communicates with any language via a standard COM interface. COM wrappers and templates have been written for all common languages