j2 Performance

Taking the j2 Universal Tool Kit to the next level

The release of the j2 Performance plug in now enables designers to use the existing aircraft model data to run their predictive performance analysis. This removes all the pain of having to build code and/or re-compile between different software packages.

The first release of j2 Performance enables users to find the specific values of parameters required to achieve certain defined goals (max/min values). In this way, for example, a specific velocity can be found that satisfies a certain criteria at a given altitude.

The j2 Performance plug-in uses the existing aircraft model data and enables searches and max/min values to be found coupled with new trim rules required to achieve the same.

The user is able to run the following point performance analyses.

1. Maximum Lift/Stall Calculations

2. Turning and Manoeuvring Flight (load factors)

3. Ground Run Velocities

4. Maximum Rate of Climb & Ceiling

The parameters are presented as either trimmed values or instantaneous ones depending upon the particular area of interest. The highly valuable search rule feature enables users to apply search rules that can be used to maximise/minimise other factors and parameters not necessarily related to performance calculations.

The Flight Envelope is calculated using the standard trim rules logic already embedded in j2 software. J2 Performance then undertakes several, minimum speed searches to establish different stall boundaries for the following:

Fully Trimmed Flight

• Pitch Trimmed Flight at Constant throttle (5.5kN)

• Fixed Throttle (5.5kN) and Fixed Elevator (0°)

The user can run a series of Maximum Climb Trims over a range of airspeeds and altitudes to establish Basic Climb Profiles. The j2 Performance Search routine can be used to identify the speed at which the maximum climb rate can be achieved at fixed throttle:

Information on the j2 Performance toolkit component is contained in the attached PDF. You can access the PDF document by clicking on this link: j2 performance brochure 11-6-02-PJ-v2