j2 Pilot / j2 Pilot SDK


Ever wanted to see an aircraft fly in real-time during the design phase? Using the J2 Pilot plug-in’s automatic interfaces/models you can fly aircraft on your J2 Universal Database in a simple desktop simulation at any stage in design. Compare designs to get a complete understanding of flying performance. You can also use J2 Pilot interfaces to merge the finished design into a Full Mission Simulator and integrate the model into pilot training simulators.


  1. Man-In-The-Loop Analysis
    • Get real-time pilot-in-the loop feedback of conceptual designs. Use engineer-in-the-loop flights to assess comments and improve designs
  2. Simple Interfaces
    • Plug-in USB Controls and fly the aircraft in the instant desktop simulator
    • The standard graphics interface works with industry standard visual systems. No additional work is needed to get ‘Out The Window’ visuals
  3. Direct Link to the J2 Database
    • Select and fly any aircraft straight from the database
    • Investigate fuels/stores configurations, aircraft variations or different aircraft with a click of your mouse
    • Modify designs and fly the results instantly to get immediate reaction and comparison. No need to re-write or re-compile code
  4. Collaborative Capability
    • Access aircraft models across the network – Design and Engineering can create the data models and Flight Simulation can fly them
    • Fly Stand-alone or as part of a multi-ship sortie