j2 Universal Framework

The Framework

j2 Universal Tool-Kit’s underlying framework and data management system, j2 Universal handles all the configuration control and plug-in management and provides a data centric approach to aircraft design and analysis.

j2 Universal allows users to perform different tasks at varying stages of the design process and work together to optimise an aircraft model. This minimises the amount of reworking and ensures that the data is consistent.


  1. Data Centric Framework
    • Ensures that all users are working on the same data set
    • Enables data models and analysis to be shared across the company
    • Eliminates communication errors and cuts the learning curve
    • Improves the process and reduces timescales
  2. Configuration Management
    • Provides traceability for all design alterations
    • Ensures that the latest designs have been assessed
  3. Integrated Framework
    • Provides a single environment for the aircraft’s lifecycle
  4. Plug-in Management
    • Offers ‘mix-and-match’ capabilities to suit team size and requirements
    • Creates user defined customer plug-ins for further analysis


Features Advantages and Benefits
Data Centric Application Having everything in one place enables users to share data models and results across the network – resulting in improved process, cohesive teamwork and reduced communication errors
Integrated Configuration Control and Data Management Users can evaluate ‘what ifs’ and create variant models, leading to an optimised design. The integrated review process minimises mistakes, tracks all analysis to ensure that the latest versions have been assessed and provides traceability to all design changes
Intuitive Graphical Interface The simple to use application enables users to get up to speed quickly. Its fast analysis capability means that engineers can spend more time analysing results
Integrated Application Framework The ability to ‘mix-and-match’ plug-ins enables licenses to be purchased to match team dynamics. Since this sets up a single environment for the whole aircraft lifecycle, there is no need to purchase additional tools as the project evolves
Import/Export Data XML The systems allows you to share data with other applications and eliminate date re-entry, as well as providing automatic reporting and the ability to create new aircraft projects rapidly
Commercial ‘Off the Shelf’ Application Professionally developed software with the end user in mind, support and maintenance are built into the purchase price – so customers can eliminate costly in-house support and maintenance